About Atma Frans

Atma, originally from Belgium, lives in Gibsons, BC. She teaches classes that connect people with creativity, imagination and play.

Her poems and stories have have been long-listed for contests as well as published internationally in literary journals. (See publications page for further info.)

In her classes she brings together experience and knowledge from different fields: writing, embodied healing and expressive arts, mindfulness and meditation, and an understanding of the creative process. She believes in the power of imagination to transform life and regain wholeness.

Embodied healing and Expressive Arts: Atma is a certified expressive arts therapist, with experience working wit adults, seniors, children and youth. She also studied embodied healing with renowned Jungian analyst Marion Woodman.

Mindfulness and Meditation: She’s a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher and has taught over a thousand classes in the last twenty years, as well as practiced yoga and meditation.

Understanding of the Creative Process: She has an MA in architecture and taught design studio at the University of Brussels, Belgium, and at the University of Auckland, New Zealand before moving to Canada where she focused on her own practice.

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In 2011 she discontinued her architectural design career to pursue expressive arts therapy and creative writing. Her ability to imagine a building’s shape, structure and spatial experience, as well as the creative problem solving needed in construction and design, have been useful skills she has transferred to these new fields.

Atma is committed to continuous learning, both through her own art-making, writing practice, meditation discipline as well as by attending professional workshops.

for more info contact: atmafrans@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “About Atma Frans

  1. Hi Carine,
    I am interested in your classes. Please let me know when you are doing another one. I have experience much chaos, trauma and loss since 2012 with my son’s mental health and loss of both my parents in 2019. I believe art therapy could be a good channel for me.
    Thank you


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