Atma Frans Publications

Awards and Grants

Mentorship Micro Grant to work with Zsuzsi Gartner, The Writers Union of Canada

On the Helpless Grass, Quagmire Magazine, Inaugural Poetry Contest, first place

For Preserving Loss, nominated by Prairie Fire Magazine for the National Magazine Award

My Preschool Teacher Rips Tape from the Roll, Oxford Brookes International Poetry Competition 2022, shortlist

A slipper, a foot, and a bare leg (sequence of poems), Vera Manuel Award for Poetry 2022, longlist, 2022

At the beginning of the war, my mother buried her laughter, AUB International Poetry Prize, longlist, 2022

On Top of Cross Rock, a Coyote, Beachcombers Contest, SCEWS, 2nd prize, 2022

Restoration, Far Horizons Award for Poetry, The Malahat Review, shortlist, 2022

Nobody to Hold Her Back, Off Topic Contest, Honourable Mention, 2022

Some Days I Can Taste, Geminga, Sunspot Literary Journal, finalist, 2022

micro-mentorship with Jim Johnstone (3 poems), Arc Poetry Magazine, Poet-in-Residence program, 2021

The Begging Bowl, Vanderbilt/Exile Short Fiction Competition, 2013, longlist

Raw, Writers’ Union, Short Fiction Competition, 2011, longlist

Poetry Publications

For Preserving Loss, Prairie Fire Magazine, fall 2022

Some Days I Can Taste, Sunspot Literary Journal, Volume 4 Issue #2, 2022

Alea Iacta Est, Fresh Voices 25, League of Canadian Poets, 2022, April 2022

At First We Thought It Was Just Rumours, The Dalhousie Review, volume 101, April 2022

Sisters, Plenitude Magazine, Feb 1, 2022,

Redress, Contemporary Verse 2, volume 44, issue 3, January 2022

Lilacs Freesias Roses Jasmin, Lighthouse Literary Journal, issue 23, Gatehouse Press, January 2022

It Starts with Yellow, Word and Art, S.C.W.E.S, 2022

Nobody to Hold Her Back, Off Topic Publishing, June 2022

Cabbage Whites, Chiron Review, issue 124, Winter 2021

Behind Me, My Foot Prints Fill With Powder, Understorey, issue 21, October 2021

Persephone, Understorey, issue 21, October 2021:

Grasshopper, Fenland Poetry Journal, issue 5, Autumn 2021

In Limbo, Obsessed with Pipework, issue 95, Beltane 2021

Italian Sandals, Obsessed with Pipework issue 94, Beltane 2021

Anyway, it’s Tuesday, and this morning, Okay Donkey Press, April 2021

The Darkness That Sleeps Beneath, Arc Poetry Magazine, issue 93, fall 2020

Forthcoming Poetry Publications

At the beginning of the war, my mother buried her laughter, AUB International Poetry Prize 2022—Anthology


The Night Had Claws, The Offing, November 2021

The Begging Bowl, The Miramichi Reader, May 2021

The Begging Bowl, The New Quarterly, issue 137, winter 2016