Expressive Arts Therapy

Atma believes in the power of imagination and creative expression to transform life, regain wholeness and rediscover joy and spontaneity.

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What is Expressive Arts Therapy?
As an expressive arts therapy client, you use art-making, body-awareness, creative writing or found imagery to explore and process thoughts and emotions. No artistic talent is required; you’ll work at your level of comfort and skill.  Externalizing issues in a visible and tangible way can provide you the distance to step back and contemplate a situation in all its complexity. By engaging both sides of your brain, expressive art therapy enables new insights to arrive through intuition rather than rational thought.

Practicing expressive art therapy connects you with your creative potential and playfulness.  By becoming aware of your sensations, emotions and values you can identify self-perceptions that are false and limiting, while building on strengths and resources.  You can gain distance from past events that still impact your daily reality. Long-term benefits include increased self-esteem, a new sense of well-being and freedom and ease in creative expression.  Through rediscovering playfulness and imagination new possibilities can arise in daily living.

What does a session look like?
A session starts with a short conversation about your current state of mind, potential topics you would like to explore or a recent dream you’re curious about. Sometimes images show up at this point; for example, you may describe yourself as “drowning” in work, having “knots” in your stomach, etc.  Rather than searching for a solution at this point, I invite you to explore the issue in an embodied way: by noticing sensations associated with it, by painting it, or through spontaneous creative writing exercises. I will offer you a choice of materials and techniques as well as provide guidance and active listening.  At the end of each session, I will assist you in deriving meaning from the images you created, and together we will discuss any insights as they come.

Who can benefit from Expressive Arts Therapy?
Expressive arts therapy is suitable for anyone seeking a higher level of well-being, connection and self-realization, regardless of age and ability.  It’s suitable whether you’re coping with major life changes or with mental and emotional challenges.

I believe in creativity as the healer
—Marion Woodman

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