Reconnect with imagination and creativity and discover stories held in the body.

We will practice mindfulness to descend into the body and write from a deep and connected place. Through enticing prompts and visual imagery we will discover new doorways into imagination and memory. These techniques enable us to break through creative blocks, bypass the inner critic and connect with wisdom held in the subconscious.

Suitable for fiction or memoir. Beginners welcome. Each session ends with an opportunity to share your writing or thoughts in a supportive small group. (7 participants max.)

Comments from previous participants:

The class was incredibly enjoyable as it was a growing experience. I have learned ways to shift perspective and function. I enjoyed the freedom to create, and to be. – Belinda Siu

Each session was a progression towards getting something written – original not preconceived… I got some interesting pieces written. The class helped to ease/break through some creative blocks. – Jay Hamburger

The techniques helped unlock unconscious ideas inside my mind and soul. I learned techniques to overcome writer’s block… I enjoyed the regular discipline it provided to get me writing and the ability and opportunity to share. – Jason

I enjoyed the great feeling of community, the variety of exercises presented each night, diversity in themes, gentle guidance and encouragement. – Meghan