Art Journey to Self

Explore art-making as a meditative practice and a journey to self.

Reconnect with imagination, play and creativity. Learn mindfulness techniques and re-ground yourself into your body. Bypass the inner critic and rediscover the joy of art-making and self-expression.

You will engage in a dialogue with images held in the subconscious through mindfulness exercises, simple art activities, guided imaginations and creative journalling. Each session ends with an opportunity to share your art, writing or thoughts. Artistic talent is not required as the focus is on process rather than product, allowing your natural quality of playfulness and curiosity to emerge and lead you in a process of self-discovery.

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Comments from previous participants:

I enjoyed the freedom to experiment and the variety of ways to express i.e. art + writing etc. Also I liked the sense of fun and playfulness even as it stirred emotions for me.Rose

I enjoyed the way it helped me to experience and release my emotions…I am more relaxed and more open to the new in my life.Nancy

I came into the group thinking it would stimulate my creative side and not with too much thought to my inner life and where I am/was at. With Atma’s gentle, quiet attention I exposed the deeper feeling levels of self-blame and old painful places. I’m able to assess where I am currently and I am aware of my strengths and the healing that I’ve accomplished over the years. The group has been fun, yet real and Atma’s friendly caring manner works for me.Anonymous

I enjoyed using art as a way to express my life.Anonymous